Ieder vintage item is uniek, net als jij.

Hi! My name is Romee, vintage fan, blogger and VW bus fan. I want to share my love for vintage with the world. All the items in my store are unique and handpicked. Vintage is better for the environment ánd your personal style ;)

It started five years ago when I wrote a paper about the effect of jeans production on the environment. When I finished the paper, I was determined to never wear jeans from fast fashion brands again.
Some time passed, I celebrated student life and 'forgot' what I had learned. I closed my eyes. Every now and again I woke up a little after I had seen a documentary or news items about the subject, but just as easily, I snoozed back in. And then, I even started to work as a professional model.
Luckily about a year ago, the VPRO ( a Dutch channel) broadcasted a documentary that woke me with a bucket of ice-cubes. The documentary shows the price that is payed for the fast fashion industry. It wasn't even the facts that shocked me, deep inside I knew what was going on. But the documentary made me decide to never wear fast fashion again. I started a search for the cutest vintage shops and sustainable brands. Guess what? I entered a new world. Vintage equals unique and by putting more time in finding the most beautiful pieces, I got more and more creative. My eyes were opened.

Vintage clothes are so much more than just beautiful pieces. They tell a story. A story of the lives they've had before they ended up in your closet. Each piece is unique.
For years I've been wearing my vintage finds with pride, even when sometimes it can be a little scary. When I first wore my green vintage Kenzo trousers, I was afraid what people might say. Soon I discovered that everybody loved them, not just because they are awesome, but because they suit me. I want to help you to find those unique pieces that suit your style and personality.

All items that don't match Kick's Vintage's style or are left after the sale are donated to charity.